Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello Everyone

Those of you who know me, know we have been on pins and needles waiting for a home construction loan to go through. Well, on that front we still continue to wait. Good Lord, the anxiety is tremendous for me. It's hard to think of anything else right now, We are just trying to remain focused and make sure everyone has what they need, making follow up calls to make sure it's not in limbo somewhere. It's tough.

Pick me please...I'm a loyal listener.
Today I signed up for a radio show contest at our local radio station, Kex 1190 100,000 bailout give away, They are giving a bailout to the tax payer instead of banks and whatever other institution needs it. Good Idea. I listen to this talk show radio as often as I can anyway and always with my travels, I found that I lose reception just as I leave the Olympia,Wa area and usually right at a good part of the conversation. Damn, I hate that.

Anyways, we could certainly use that bailout right about now and I bet others could too. I'm entering everyday with my first cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. ***Wish me luck***

Do you know that a septic system permit alone with the "pre inspection" that's no longer referred to as a "PERC" test as I was informed by the inspector, and now called a site evaluation runs some where in the neighborhood of 1400-1500.00 by itself and I'm still not sure if the charge you for a final inspection. That's just to get approval, Then you pay close to 5000-6000.00 for the septic system itself.

...On a lighter note.
Does anyone remember that commercial where the guy is standing there with his family and telling how he lives in the perfect community and has a 4 bedroom house belongs to a golf club, drives a new car and is in debt up to his eyeballs? We're joining that club too, really soon...Hopefully it's not that bad.
I'm not endorsing, ...unless they will do a good Refi for us at a good percentage rate, But this is the video I'm talking about.
Isn't it funny things said in jest draw some close comparisons sometimes. I've talked with other friends about it and they just say welcome to the real world where the rest of us live.

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Jeannie said...

It's a tough time for lending right now - I think the banks are being cautious - which they should have been all along I think. If you can get approval on the house, can you do it in stages so you are not as dependent on loans? or perhaps make smaller loans? It wouldn't be your dream I know but if the lenders are iffy in the current situation, it might be a thought. You are fortunate that you have a place to live in the meantime anyway.

Liliana said...

Sweeti i wish you the best of lucks!! (is it written right?).
I missed you...=)

i'll remember you with my prayers ;)

Sweeti said...

We are "SO" fortunate to have a place to live on the same property.
We have had this dream now for 10+ years for a new home. Everything we do has been geared towards this goal.
Push has come to shove though the 1969 double wide has seen it's better days. We are now thinking it better be sooner than later to get this done.

Sweeti said...

...and thank you for your prayers Liliana.

Scott from Oregon said...

What a difference a year makes.

No one is building around these parts this year either.

Perhaps you can do septic and foundation in cash, then wait for money to get looser?