Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...I wish this was so

I think our newspaper weather person must be sitting on a beach somewhere sunny and warm...and rubbing it in.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A postcard from home...

To all my family far and wide, To our family and friends in the Armed Forces (We wish you home very soon) and to my fellow bloggers I hope your holiday is the absolute very best.
Were going to try to get together here for our annual Christmas Eve dinner, Hopefully everyone can make it, And just make the best of a very cold wintery situation.

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We have power and water again, Yay!

Life's good, We have electricity back finally! I think we were out about 12 so hours in extreme weather conditions. You sure learn a new appreciation for having the niceties of electricity and running water, and especially running hot water. It was a long night. The Mr was the fire watcher last night and he fell to sleep on the job. I woke about 4:30 am and was freezing, It was so cold in our room that it felt like I had brain freeze, because my head was out of the covers. Bella was shivering under the covers laying next to me.
So I got up and restarted the fire and got him back on the job and went back to bed.

I woke to see a ton more of new snow, no lights yet and no water either. I thought hmmm, do I think I can get out of here to my daughters house? I want a shower really bad. We had one cup of coffee via my coffee press, Mmmm, at this point it was the best part of the morning. Thank goodness for bottled water. Then it happened, a flicker, it was a flicker that made your heart jump with total excitement, Boom on come the lights, Yesssss, We had lights and after a few minutes we checked the water and we had water too.
All I could think was Merry Christmas, it was the greatest gift. I really am a creature of comfort. Roughing it was fun for about the first hour.

Thanks to all of you PGE workers out there giving it your all it this terrible weather. It's really not fit for man nor beast out there. Our mayor of Portland has declared several counties emergency disaster areas due to the impassable roads and the fact that they can get help to many people. We managed really quite well as far as being prepared, Candles, flashlights, wood stove and dry wood made it bearable.

This will soon be declared the most snowy December in Portland's history, and right now the record stands since 1968. We are expecting another 3-4" to come in on Wed-Thurs and then we cross our fingers for so good ole fashioned rain, and most likely flooding because of the amount of snow to run off.

The grandsons are gonna love this Christmas eve. A built in slide off the back deck.

See the trees just hanging with ice, we have had so many tops just snap off from the weight. When the melt finally happens its going to look like a bomb went off in out forest area. We lost a cherry tree to the ice already, it just snapped off right in the middle. It's kind of eerie that when it snows it so quiet and you can hear thing like trees snapping and crashing in the woods. It's really dangerous to even get close by to them right now.
I hope everyone is ready for their Christmas, I'm not but it's not in my power to change things right now. Maybe the weather will give me a little reprieve and I can get something done.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frozen, Iced, Snowed on, Rained on again and NO Power.

This was the picture for most of the Portland area today, Although we live a little ways from there our elevation usually dictates more in the form of snow. This storm has been a rough one for all involved. We've mostly stayed home except for our trip to Freddy's the other night. Now we're home by choice and without power. All the fridge things are in big cooler chests with snow for ice. We have no water now due to the pump on the well not running.
We amongst the 44,000 without power in this area. I'm sitting in my car with my laptop and posting while charging. I have to say this is way better than no laptop at all and not being connected to everyone somehow.

The Mr is trying to save our phone and cable lines in this picture. There is 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of ice on the limbs laying across those lines. If the come down the whole road of 13 families loses phone service.
Back behind our property the neighbors trees layed over the power lines and took them out and that's the reason for no power in our home this evening. I was hoping for a utilty worker by now but no such luck. It's only been 9 hrs but it feels like days. I want a shower.
If you are at all interested in our weather problems and would like to listen to some of the goings on there's a few portland radio links on my sidebar and they arew doing contant updates on our weather. Right now Portland International airport is get very few flight in and hardly nothing going out. They think it will be this way til Tuesday or Wed. Well wish us luck with our power, I have a Christmas Eve dinner to prepare for.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

How to rid yourself of your pet peeves...with assistance

***Winter Storm Warning***
Updated: Friday Dec.19th, 2008 5:30 p.m.

The moisture from the storm will arrive around noon tomorrow. Look for snow accumulation into the night. All valley areas will likely get 6" or more of snow. Scattered areas and into the hills could see 12" of snow. Look for an icy mix to develop Saturday night.

Well, we've survived 2 blasts of arctic air from the north, and now are faced with the third punch that promises to be worse than the rest and it isn't even winter yet. Our thermometer at it's lowest this year has read 11 degrees above 0.
Tomorrow promises to be interesting, we already have 2-3" on the ground from last night and today and "The worst storm in five years" as the local meteorologist puts it, is supposed to hit us tomorrow afternoon. He is promising Snow and possible ice in the form of freezing rain and strong winds, all of which are never a good combo in the same sentence ever!

Living on our hill sometimes gives you a false sense of true weather reality, All day I contemplated going and trying to get some shopping done and I'd look outside and see it snowing like a banshee. So I'd put it off, this went on all day. Come to find out it was only this bad on our hill today. The problem is there are hills to climb to get to our road and some steep embankments and curves with no guard rails to make it past in one direction and a busy hwy in the other direction with a slick hill to stop at the bottom to avoid the Hwy traffic.

So I waited to see if the Mr was willing to take me into town when he arrived home from work, He shows up and says the roads were all clear until you get to our hill, ...it figures!

I did end up going in and buying some grocery's like a gazillion others, The stores were packed, well at least Fred Meyer's was. I'd head down an isle and I'd just get to thinking seriously about what I needed and someone would say pardon me or excuse me an blow my train of thought all to hell. I forgot some things that I needed just because of all the herding down the isles of the grocery store, I hate that.

We decided to stop at the Burger king on the way home to get a burger since I'll probably be cooking for the next week and have a bad case of cabin fever before it's all done. Now, I do not have the best of luck with fast food joints, They on purpose leave something out of my order just to piss me off I swear.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canby never seems to get my drive thru order right, They try to save by jipping me of something every time I go there, If it isn't the biscuits, it's the coleslaw and almost always the napkins. I think, when they figure the price of these meals, the price of napkins are figured in there some where, So essentially they are ripping you off and saving the company money at the save time.
Now In Oregon City, where we went tonight, Theres a Micky D's and a Burger King within a 1/2 mi. radius of each other and both are absolutely grating a nerve with me as far as the stupid napkin thing.
Don't they realize you are eating in your car and there is nothing to wipe your hands and face on? What do you do if you spill? I hate food in the car and dislike food on my person even worse. Let's just say, they peeve me the most.
I get through part of my meal and go to reach for the Burger King napkin in the bag and without fail it's not there, Now after being cooped up in the house and then being herded like cattle through the grocery store I needed that napkin to be there for me. But No!
At that point I said to the Mr. You know just once I'd like to smear hamburger all over my face and go back through the drive thru and complain about no napkins. Almost without hesitation he takes what I couldn't finish and smears it all over his moustache and beard and I mean there was chunks of cheese, all orange-ish and gooey and some small amounts burger and bun hanging from his beard. I laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself. He was laughing too.
Then with a straight face he starts the car, I think "Oh no, he's gonna do it." We turn around and he drives into the drive thru lane, They say, "can we help you?" bear in mind at this point they can't see him yet. So he says "you forgot my napkins" I need some napkins and pulls forward to the window.

He pulls up and pokes his head out the window to give the attendant a good view, I'm watching for reaction and for a minute the young girl window attendant reaches to open the window and then in mid reach pulls back, and then thinks to herself Ewwww, but opens the drive up window.
This time there was two attendants that between customers appeared to be having a conversation in the drive up space.
Both were just staring at the Mr. with food hanging from his face. The portly young man had his hand up to his face kind of cupped under his nose and covering his mouth, but I could see in his eyes water welling, he was dying on the inside, Ready to bust a gut at any given moment. Yet with a straight face the Mr. requested his napkin, The young gal hands him a fist full and just stares, Now I'm to the point that if he doesn't pull off I'm gonna lose it. Not that they even knew I was there, They never took their eyes off him in disbelief.
Now that's how to get past being pissed off about no napkins.
I bet they don't forget anyone else's napkins the rest of the night after that one. I got the release I needed, I haven't laughed that hard in ages and found the Mr. is a pretty good actor. How he ever was able to do this without breaking into laughter I'll never know, especially with me snickering under my hand on the other side of the car.
I'd have loved to have been the fly on the wall watching when we pulled off.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008