Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We have power and water again, Yay!

Life's good, We have electricity back finally! I think we were out about 12 so hours in extreme weather conditions. You sure learn a new appreciation for having the niceties of electricity and running water, and especially running hot water. It was a long night. The Mr was the fire watcher last night and he fell to sleep on the job. I woke about 4:30 am and was freezing, It was so cold in our room that it felt like I had brain freeze, because my head was out of the covers. Bella was shivering under the covers laying next to me.
So I got up and restarted the fire and got him back on the job and went back to bed.

I woke to see a ton more of new snow, no lights yet and no water either. I thought hmmm, do I think I can get out of here to my daughters house? I want a shower really bad. We had one cup of coffee via my coffee press, Mmmm, at this point it was the best part of the morning. Thank goodness for bottled water. Then it happened, a flicker, it was a flicker that made your heart jump with total excitement, Boom on come the lights, Yesssss, We had lights and after a few minutes we checked the water and we had water too.
All I could think was Merry Christmas, it was the greatest gift. I really am a creature of comfort. Roughing it was fun for about the first hour.

Thanks to all of you PGE workers out there giving it your all it this terrible weather. It's really not fit for man nor beast out there. Our mayor of Portland has declared several counties emergency disaster areas due to the impassable roads and the fact that they can get help to many people. We managed really quite well as far as being prepared, Candles, flashlights, wood stove and dry wood made it bearable.

This will soon be declared the most snowy December in Portland's history, and right now the record stands since 1968. We are expecting another 3-4" to come in on Wed-Thurs and then we cross our fingers for so good ole fashioned rain, and most likely flooding because of the amount of snow to run off.

The grandsons are gonna love this Christmas eve. A built in slide off the back deck.

See the trees just hanging with ice, we have had so many tops just snap off from the weight. When the melt finally happens its going to look like a bomb went off in out forest area. We lost a cherry tree to the ice already, it just snapped off right in the middle. It's kind of eerie that when it snows it so quiet and you can hear thing like trees snapping and crashing in the woods. It's really dangerous to even get close by to them right now.
I hope everyone is ready for their Christmas, I'm not but it's not in my power to change things right now. Maybe the weather will give me a little reprieve and I can get something done.

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Jeannie said...

Glad you're finally out of the dark. I remember the power going off when I was a teen & we were living in the snow belt. Snowed in (no chance of getting anywhere) No electricity, no water - we had to cut a hole in the ice on the lake to drink and wash and flush. We cooked outside on a giant wood barbecue my dad had made. We had a couple wood fireplaces inside but they were made for looks more than function and didn't give off much heat. I think we were 24 hours without power then.

Liliana said...

I'm so glad you are right back to business!!!! Merry Xmas to you and your family. =)

David Tellez said...

I know you are probably still freezing and will have that never-ending slight chill leave you until next August, but I gotta say...those are some beautiful pictures! Talk about a Winter Wonderland! I'm glad everything is up and running and that you and your family are safe and sound. That's all that matters. Your health and happiness. Merry Christmas Sweeti! Have a happy holidays and safe new year! See you next year!

Gledwood said...

is it REALLY like that where you live or are you posting up "snow" pixx from Google images..?!?

yous Americans are so lucky being able to have a truly white xmas on your own shores... if we want winter wonderland we have to go skiing (France-Switzerland-Austria) or up to Lapland in Northern Norway, Sweden or Finland... hey I've always wanted to see Finland it looks utterly gorgeous

I've always wanted to see America and that's a totally other matter....

great blog...
I dropped in via a friend of a friend about 50,000 places removed by now

have a great 2009 ;->...

Helene said...

Goodness me, that must be a frightening experience, well done to your Mr for not hiding under the blanket with you! Glad you got to spend Christmas warm and connected. You might want to consider a gas stove, we have one here and love it, all the warmth of a fire place minus the hassle of making the fire and cleaning up the stove. Plus that would work even without electricity.