Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fun day at the Oregon Wine and Seafood Festival 2009

Saturday we left the farm early, a day off, So we tried to squeeze in a fun day at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. It was for the Wine and Seafood of course. Now in the same center, this BTW, is absolutely beautiful and amazingly huge.
Fun, Fun, Fun. First off, we bought our glasses to do the wine sampling and then we searched out food. The food was incredible; we had a crab sandwich made by the cooking school, and while I waited in that line the Mr. searched out pizza.
After he seen the crab sandwich we all know what was his choice, let’s just say it was a Wine and Seafood extravaganza, Yum. My lips never touched my slice of pizza.

They had plenty to see and do, I played crab shuffleboard, and was able to put my crab into the pacific ocean and not touch the shore or the picture that were strategically placed to screw you up and make you lose, although I seen the judge give a few away that I would have called loses.
So I played and won a free shrimp cocktail and a fish necklace that looks like the necklaces for a New Orleans Mardi gras celebration only in linked fishes instead of pearl shapes. So YaY!

Hip Chicks that Do Wine. Great Labels!

We sampled a few wines, had fun checking out all the vendors, Many were very friendly and had great gift ideas. There was everything from alpaca wool capes to hand knitted mittens to wine cozies, cheese platters and more.

Cute Wine cozies

We visited our favorite little vendor Rose City Pepperheads, we sampled and chatted and had a good old time. Mango Madness jelly is a flavor that I personally like the best and their most popular, but, Oh my goodness they all are good. They are online too! you’ve got to try them out. Mango Madness jelly put on Salmon and baked is incredible served with some small baby reds and some sautéed asparagus. Just made you hungry, huh?

I should have taken a picture of this and didn’t but, There was a guy that made they platters out of wine bottles in a kiln and melted them flat on their side, put a picture on the back facing up and hook to hang it , and along with a cheese knife it was gorgeous, and ingenious too.

There were two other events happening at the same time.
The celebration of the Chinese New Year Cultural Fair 2009 - Year of the Ox
• The Vietnamese Community of Oregon - TET 2009.
Our first stop was the Chinese Cultural Fair, My impression…A lot to watch. The people are interesting and the talent was awesome, what I liked, they made it English friendly. I felt welcome and truly did enjoy the shows they put on for the public.

I bought a few bracelets two made from agate, 1 tiger striped brown and white and 1 in a ocean green color and two made from cinnabar, carved in the Chinese styled carving of flowers and dragons they are really pretty in the traditional cinnabar red and black. I already have a carved necklace that dates back to the 30’s or 40’s in carved cinnabar.

My first show was a bunch of really cute little girls doing a fan style dance. They were gorgeous, each trying their hardest to do their best…Beautiful. Then it was Susan Chan singing Lemon Tree, she was cute and sort of pop culture, every once in a while she would say some English words I could understand.

Next up was the Lion dancers or dragon dancers I don’t know how to tell them apart, what can I say they were incredible! It was completely entrancing to watch. How do they do that? They are not only dancers, but, acrobats also. Simply Amazing.

I was supposed to have Kim, a friend of mine come and meet us there if she could get away from work. It ended up that she got too busy and couldn’t come. She is Vietnamese and I know would have made the Vietnamese TET way more fun for us with her being able to interpret and point out things of interest. I really wanted her to come to be able to see her way of life and culture; I know she was disappointed too.

It was like going to a foreign country for the first time, not very English friendly and frankly, I didn’t know where to start or what to look at. I recognized certain vendors like State farm Ins.Looked for egg rolls, didn't find any, But other than that we just did a run through and left. I have to say though, the costuming for Vietnamese girls are very pretty.

Coming up in April you'll have a chance to relive the Astoria Crab seafood and Wine Festival April 24, 2009 - April 26, 2009 in Astoria, OR., only my favorite little city in oregon. Maybe my blog friend Elleda in Astoria will be a vendor and I'll finally get to meet her there.

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Ox, Meaning: forge ahead, be strong.

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Jeannie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for sure. The Vietnamese here do springrolls more than eggrolls. I prefer them.

I'm not a fan of crab. It makes me nauseas for some reason. I think I must have eaten some bad crab at some point. I like salmon better now than I used to. We have a lot of people who make unusual jellies here using wine from particular wineries who sell the jellies for them. You have me thinking I should buy a salmon and some jelly.

Sara said...

Looks like an interesting day....and kinda delicious too.

Thanks for your comment....and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thought that was a "black widow" dress!