Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fort Vancouver Update as promised.

I am so proud and I know you will be. The Mr. is now a working Blacksmith for Fort Vancouver the historical site in Vancouver, WA. thru the National parks Service. He will be helping to build a new building on the Fort this summer with his gift in blacksmithing. He will be helping a team of blacksmiths do all the needed hardware and fittings such as hooks, hinges, latches, locks, nails in all sizes. Maybe even a plow share if he's lucky.

They gave him a tour of all the archival blacksmith artifacts, and we know what a buff he is anyway. There is tons of it that he gets to go and touch and figure out how things were done and then replicate to museum standards. There's so much of the puzzle there on how things were done, He's over the top excited.
He may even get to be a part of the Black powder firings and cannon blasts that he thinks is so cool.

BTW, you can make an appointment to view the artifacts there at the Fort also.

He volunteers there on Mondays so far, but they will be changing his days to meet the demand of the schedule and his priority's also. He will dress in 1840's-50's and also interact with the public by teaching, demonstrating and answering questions. I'm so proud.

It's really neat to think that this new out building will be there with the rest of them for many years to come as a restoration, or recreation of a building that once stood there, and his mark will be in there on the doors in locks and hasp's and hardware, even some the poll axes that will be made there.

We just got a heads up that soon will be the season of class field trips and the mentoring of young minds. The Mr. has good practice in this area. Remember we have 2 grandsons. He'll reel them in somehow if he has to talk video games with them. They do have Blacksmiths on video games too. Oh, I know it would be out of character since in the 1840's there was no such thing as a TV much less a video game.

He went in for his fitting for clothes last week, I'm thinking they'll be done sometime soon. I'll definitely do pictures then.

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Jeannie said...

Congratulations! To be a part of past history by being part of future history is so cool! Blacksmithing must be becoming somewhat of a lost art. Tell him he should take notes when rediscovering methods - maybe post them online so they'll be there for future generations.

Zora said...

My boss owns the house, but I live there by myself, at least until we found a co-worker. It's another house than I lived in last year. A much nicer one.

I'll be in the US for the next three years, and I would really like to visit you.

Scott from Oregon said...

That is way cool!

So very way cool!

Kitem said...

Sweeti, thank you so much for visiting my blog, i am very sorry not too visit you back so often, I promise I'll do better later, Helen had told me already about you, that you really were a sweet lady. I discovered only today that you were a blade lover too!
Here in Malaysia they have beautiful Kriss knifes, they say that those old krisses have a soul, I'm sure you would love them.

Garnetrose said...

Good for the Mr. It is a dying art here and the only places that have them are the towns where the amish live.

Cerulean Bill said...

I think that blacksmiths are awesome. You are totally right to be pleased. Good going!

Lady Li said...

Amiga!!!!!!!!!!! where are you????

is every thing all right????


Veronica said...

Hi! This is Veronica, Teressa's daughter! I can't remember if I have ever commented on your blog before!!

Anyway, this is SO cool!! How fun & exciting for you guys... for Wade!!

Did my mom tell you we are moving to Canby?