Friday, February 06, 2009

Sorry, Wrong Number

Caller-Hi, how are you??
I'm fine
Hey do you have some tights that would go well with (her little girls) dress? She's wearing black patton leather shoes.
Um no, all my kids are grown and my daughter is 30.
Oh my God, I got the wrong number again...I'm so sorry.
That's Ok, I'll talk to you next

You know how you unconsciously look at the phone number of a person calling, well I guess if you have caller ID you do. I have a perpetual wrong number caller that I recognize and know her name and number, above is one of our many conversations and have had for years now.
I think it's funny how sometimes you get one that after you say "Hello" you don't get a word in edge wise until they take a breather and ask you a question. Then it hits them they have just rambled on and told you things that you probably shouldn't know. This has happened on my phone before with both guys and women.

But this ones different, she's now like an old friend. Familiar and friendly, and me, I’m a fun loving prankster.

I'm having fun with it, because I never know what she's going to ask next. I try to always come up with an answer though.
I don't know if she is dyslexic (she once laid claim to it) or I'm on speed dial and she doesn't know how to change it.
Either way, she's a nice woman, so I don't get mad.

Now I answer and say, is this S.? She's says yes… Oh hi, I got the wrong number again huh? And I say "yes". We again chat a bit and I say we should meet for lunch or something after all we had talked for years now, we laugh and hang up, 'til the next time.

Tonight was a little added twist though, her sister the real number she intended to call, called me back and told me who she was and her phone number. I said: I know your number because S. tells me it quite often in explanation for the repeated phone calls.
She's only one number off out of 10 and it's the last very digit and come to find out her phone number on her cell are the exact last 4 digits as my home phone however the first part is different, She tried for the last 4 of our phone number to make it easy to remember both her numbers with the last 4 matching, but we already had it. So she’s one digit off everytime.

I used to have another one also but it was a person that had the number before us and she didn't pay her bills so every bill collector this side of the Mississippi River and maybe beyond, but they were insistent that I was lying and should cough up a payment. WTH?

That used to piss me off. It wasn't until I threatened to turn then into the law that it stopped. But the charity's never have forgotten the number and still say April Redwine can we put you down for another 25.00 this year, and again I tell them I have had this number for 12 years now so I know that April didn't contribute last year because you called me. I've told you for 5 or more years and counting to stop calling this number; April Redwine doesn't own this number any longer.

Fun with phones....most days I love them, but some days I just pull the covers over my head.

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janeywan said...

I'm guilty of doing this. We have 720 and 303 prefix numbers in Denver. I sometimes forget and reverse them, so yes I've talked to the same guy a few times while calling my sister. Well my sister doesn't sound like a guy so I always know what I've done and politely apologize. He's hasn't changed his number yet. :)

Jeannie said...

We don't get too many wrong numbers at home - the ones we do are short and sweet normally. But I've had old men get angry as if I picked up the wrong phone or stole someone else's number. And there's a lot of rude hangups without a sorry. At the one shop though - almost every day, we get a wrong number for Costco - last digit is different. I should sell them the number.

Lady Li said...

At my mothers house, we used to have calls at a very late hour, thinking they were calling a "mortuary service", only one number was different!

Marianne said...

I get calls on my cell phone for Jessie Gonzales. He doesn't pay his bills and he doesn't return movies to Blockbuster either.

So on Christmas Day, his mom tried to call him and got me. She was very polite and she apologized but I did ask her to tell her Jessie, when she located him, to turn his movies into Blockbuster so they will stop calling me!

She apologized profusely and I wished her a Merry Christmas.

I've never heard from her again.

STAG said...

Hee hee....don't usually worry about wrong numbers. I tell charities to "let them die...its God's will", and I have got a lot of mileage out of "No, he died. Didn't you hear? What did he die of? Um...of dialing a wrong number!"

I try not to be abusive though. The charities employ folks just trying to do their jobs. The wrong numbers don't call back....after I did that to one persistant wrong number caller, I think she put the correct number on speed dial.

Any way, just dropped in to say sorry I have not dropped in for the last few months.

As the chef said to his wife on Valentine's Day...

Hugs and Quiches.

Take care all.