Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canby's Cinema 8 Coming Soon

The Official Ground Breaking Ceremony

So, as many of you my or may not remember we moved to our property now from the area now being developed as a Cinema and small town shops in Canby, OR., our little humble abode was a cute little home built in the 1890's and was laboriously being restored by us from the inside to the out, I know, kind of backwards.

We had a little corner lot, a home and a shop for blacksmithing, a cute little yard that I managed, keeping it looking pretty cute for the most part. The Mr built me my little meaningful stretch of picket fence that added all the sweetness to the place.

When I pulled up to my home I fell in love with being there every time, It was home.
Here I am all happy and Errrch, The Mr gets approached with an offer on our home. A chance to better himself he thought and add property to expand so we moved. Our lot was one of the prime lots needed to make this new project in Canby happen. That was Oct. 1997

>====>Fast foward to yesterday
At the end was our house. Where they are standing will be the entrance to the Cinemas.

The word has been said by our very own Mayor of Canby, Or, mark Oct. 26 with a big red circle.That's the estimated target date (Week) for the Canby Cinema 8 theater will most likely open her doors and bring the first theater movies to Canby.

Up until now Canby has offered bowling and swimming as alternatives to entertainment, oh, and the occasional play at the High School as a form of family activities. I always thought we should of had a drive in, even if it was seasonal , a roller skating rink or Ice rink, Something for the youth to be active and a family nights at a drive in during the summers.

Hey, it was a blast for me as a kid and my kids loved going also, albeit out of town, to Woodburn, OR.

We have always enjoyed the 6 days of family fun at the Clackamas County Fair also, and we continue to bring the new generation of our family to the events too.

I was part of the crowd that stood next to the theater site Wednesday night to witness the official ground-breaking of a project that's been in the making for a many of years, the news paper says 3 years but I know for a fact it's been way longer than that.
Try 12-15 years if your counting acquiring all properties to actually even begin to think of it happening.
They (City & U.R.A.) made it pretty clear to me that they intend to continue building more in that area as they are able to acquire more property, even putting a plea to the public with property in the area to come forth and let them offer you a deal. It felt to me "a little peer pressure-ish".

"What a very, very exciting day," said Mayor Melody Thompson as she looked out on us in the crowd. "Today, we have another key piece in the economic revitalization program. It's an exciting time for us." Joining our Mayor in mini speeches at the ground-breaking was the theater developer named Chuck Nakvasil of Scappoose, OR and Urban Renewal Agency President Tony Helbling.

So if you see us sitting in the parking lot in a certain place on the back side about the middle set of parking spaces. It would be our old home space and we'll be reminiscing about the olden days...

Anyone wishing to contact the Cinema for employment purposes or other can do so by going to the links below. I don't take resumes. However, I have met the manager and she is willing and able to assist you, Contact Linda Benjamin 503-819-0600 or at
and for further info and to join their newsletter you can go to their website.

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Lady Li said...

Hahahahaha, glad to see you are feeling better!

sunshinekisses! ;)

Jeannie said...

I hope they gave you an insane amount for your beloved house. I wish someone would offer me insane money now for mine but that ain't gonna happen.

Hammer said...

hey there,, nice to read your blog again.

John McElveen said...

LOVE the Yard- is that what you r selling? If so it would break my heart. Not to add a bummer to what you are going through, but that looks so friendly and warm. I don't think a parking space will counter for it. Unless you REALLY Consumate the Parking Space. nudge nudge wink mink, no what I mean, say no more.....


Marianne said...

Your yard was beautiful. Such a sweet tribute to a home you loved.