Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do you know anything about this Swan?

I shopped a favorite little haunt and found my treasure for the day. It's beautiful, fragile and vintage. The body was probably molded but theres flowers that must have been added after the mold process. Then hand painted and enhanced with lots of liquid gold detailing. It measures 14"long x6" in height at the top of the neck, 8.5 " across the basket. It's signed by Beulah Casterline April 11, 1956. (no mold marks)
Have you ever seen this before? Do you know anything about the piece?

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Jay said...

Well, hello Swan!

Liliana said...

no, i'm afraid i'not of any help!


Hammer said...

They used to have places where you could dcorate. glaze and fire pottery supplied by the studio.

I remmeber seeing some items similar to that. When I was a kid cats and owls were popular.

Very nice piece.

Jeannie said...

I wonder if someone made it at a little ceramics studio or something like that - they had a lot of them in the 80's but never heard of them before that. Or maybe that was Beulah's birthday and she made it in the 80's.
Check your phone directory - maybe she's still in the area.

David Tellez said...

Seems to me like you need to make an appearance on the Antique's Roadshow!

Marianne said...

I am of no help either. But I suggest you go on the Antique Roadshow and have them look it over for you.