Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It was war in my world

My favorite talk radio today announced there was a new law that took affect today. It was regarding women and SUV's. At first I laughed and thought "Yeah Right". Supposedly women as of today in Oregon were driving illegally if...They were driving alone in a SUV, They could drive them if...they had a male driver in the passenger seat next to them or if they applied for a commercial drivers licence and passed the testing. They supposedly passed this bill with little rebuttal and kind of under the radar.
Now get this, If you were caught driving after a certain time frame, say 7-10 days in grace period the police could and would start pulling women over and start giving tickets and fines of $300.00 and eventually suspend your drivers license for abusing the new law. I'm thinking at this point that I'm pretty furious and I'm driving. An SUV! Holy crap!
I'm thinking I've never heard of such a law, Then people kept calling in saying how outraged they are and how sexist it is, this is ludicrous, and so on. I was fully prepared to sit my butt on the steps of our state capital if this was true, and by no means was I giving up my SUV. It's my only vehicle.
(It was just an April fools Joke, By Mark Mason & Dave Anderson on kex 1190 Portland, OR.)
It was not so far fetched really, with the unpredictability of this topsy-turvy world we live in nowadays, I was already feeling our law makers had way too much power. It was totally possible. After all they are talking about a prescription for cigarettes and snuff now and that's no joke. Are people not allowed to make a choice for themselves any longer? Does our Government need to be in every facet of our lives?
Oregonians are paying a combined tax of $2.19 in taxes on cigarettes and .50 on a bottle of alcohol that will simply disappear into thin air. Oh, it's for the children but with little or no accountability I'm sure. We are so in trouble. Nothing makes sense anymore.

"Too many irons in the fire usually leads to a disaster"

I hope you had an unduped April 1st.
Oh, and Megan Joy deserved to stay Simon.

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Hammer said...

Make it a $300 ticket for driving an SUV while on the cell phone and applying makeup at 80mph and I'll get behind that. ;D

I got april fooled once when the radio station said it ways spring forward and kept reporting the wrong time.

I showed up to work early and no one was there.

Jeannie said...

No tricks on me - just a phone line that really wasn't working properly.

Years ago, when things were heating up around Israel, Gary told our oldest and his buddy that war had been declared overnight and Canada had bellied up and were talking about conscription. The boys were just 18 - you should have seen their faces fall - their entire life plans shot and they could end up dead.


Cerulean Bill said...

Good lord, it sounded plausible to me. I can just see some legislature doing that!

Marianne said...

Baha! You got owned! Yesterday was a good day!