Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinner and Star Trek

We had Date night last night, Our place of choice was PF Chang's, it was pretty good although I think the one in Eugene has better food...Just an observation.
I like the Mc menamins North Bank pub there by the river too. The best thing about all of these mentioned besides the food is the prompt service and friendly staff.

We had a nice dinner, some crab won tons, salt and pepper shrimp and spicy chicken. Dang, we always get the spicy chicken mixed up with the spicy orange chicken somehow. The spicy orange is the best by far.
We went to Bridgeport Mall to have our evening, the theater there is new enough and clean. Comfortable seating and with it being a week night, kinda slow but nice. The pictures were taken after the late show so it was pretty cleared out.

I could have lingered around for hours, The ambiance was nice. Music playing softly, a perfect temp outside, a few people sitting around visiting. The only thing missing was a open bar for refreshments ;)

There's an area on Portland's waterfront that is perfect this time of year also. They have outdoor cafes and bars with patios and Music it's just a lot of Fun!
That reminds me it Rose Festival time now too. Hmmm, I may have to propose another date.

We went and seen the New Star trek Movie. I used to watch Star Trek as a kid and liked it for the most part. I didn't understand the innuendo's of Capt. Kirk then but after seeing the old versions and now the new, It made me remember and understand his character (horn dog) a lot better.
I'm still confused on the whole Spock thing, ...a little bit. I will watch it again and try to figure it out. I liked it though and it was fun to see on the "Big Screen" you feel like your right there.
I want to see that new Jack Black (YearOne) movie next, out on 6/19. I know, not very deep...But hey my brain needs to relax and enjoy sometimes too.

Then we get ready to leave and I decide to take a few pictures to share and meanwhile the Mr is packing around all my stuff for me, He does that for me a lot. I love him for that too.

Then I spot him checking out the bronze statue, I know he must of been looking for seams in the cast (he is a Blacksmith) or was it panty lines? Hmmm...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A memorable Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Day Weekend started off with the thoughts of where to hang our new flag. I bought a new one with hopes to proudly present it some where in our front yard for all to see her waving with pride in the gentle breezes.

The Mr. on the other hand was having a "Big Heart" moment and seen different visions for my old glory. I left to go get my workout in at the gym and came back to him trying to erect a 35' pole he had just cut and limbed from our forest. It was straight and limbed and friggen heavy!

He was trying to surprise me with the tallest flag pole on our hill, maybe the tallest for miles around. He tried but couldn't get it up by himself.

I thought Holy Toledo, "you think big when you have a mind to don't you", I only required a bracket mounted to the carport for my flag pole, Not a skyscraper that would need a beacon so planes could see it.

This is the difference between my thinking and his sometimes. We almost always meet in the middle somewhere along the line.

So, I jump in and try to help him and even with my help all we accomplished was denting the roof of his truck, Albeit its a small dent but, nonetheless its a dent.
He finally relented and only long enough to go and find a standing dead tree that was dryer.
What a Man...
Then he proceeded to limb it and put all his homemade fittings on for the cords and a cap for the top. We erected it together and stood there in our moment of great accomplishment. Pride rings true here on our hill, It may look like it belongs to a post or fort but we here at Union Hall Forge have an immense amount of pride in our fallen Soldiers, our Country and Armed Services.
Most of our weekend was spent at a Horseshow about 5 miles from home at a beautiful facility called Singing Hills it was called UPHA CHAPTER TWO SPRINGFEST HORSE SHOW. Here's my link to my web albums of the Horseshow. Springfest web Album
I hope everyone had a great weekend

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ha!... back at the top.

Well, 3 months ago I re-joined the gym and have taken a hostage(the youngest Grand son) and I have gone 3 times a week for the most part. I've not lost a pound. I've actually gained. Crap!
The Mr. quits soda pop and Bam! 30 pounds gone. This is so wrong. I limit my food intake and my body thinks it's starving and puts on fat like there's no tomorrow.
I'm wishing I would have measured prior to starting again, at least then I would have been able to see some difference and could muster up some positiveness out of all this. I do have the really irritating problem of having to keep tugging at my pants now. I'm hoping it's my waist shrinking and not my hips expanding. I refuse to buy a bigger size!
The one really encouraging thing is my new medication for Fibromyalgia and RA is really doing the job for me. I used to exercise for 20 minutes and be sore for 3-4 kidding. Sometimes I'd try walking out from home 10 minutes and then turn around and wonder if I could make it back. Some days I was too painful to even do my light housework.
It wasn't only a backache but also my legs would hurt and at times I couldn't tell what part of me didn't hurt.
So now powered with daily pills, and 5-7 years later, I feel normal again, It's kind of scary to think of ever going back to that place again. Hopefully I won't ever have to.
Now, if there was a pill to make the fat just go away I'd be deliriously content. Oh, I'm reasonably confident at this point that it will go away one way or another, I'm just hoping it's sooner than later.

My daughter has been shoving the 5-0 birthday thing down my throat lately and I hate it! (I hated 3-0 also, I cried all day.) I don't especially now, feel a day over 35. If I have to be this age, then I think I've earned the right to be the number I want to be. Next thing you know she'll be talking nursing home. Hummmph! lol.

On a fun note I had some baby time again with my grand daughter, which is growing leaps and bounds every time I see her, soon to be 9 mos, has spoken her first words, Bye-Bye and Momma, and as her mom says can now grit her little teeth. The mere thought of that gives me that shiver.

But wow that grin...she's gorgeous!

Oh, and before I go again, Let me Wish my friend Jeannie a very Happy Birthday coming up.
...And you name the number you'd like to be and I'll honor it ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I already knew this secret.

Back in the days that my kids were in school, I took in kids and did childcare as an option to stay home and raise kids. I loved getting them as babies, watching them learn to walk, talk and talk back sometimes, I enjoyed taking care of them until preschool or kindergarten age.
This picture of this zany, bright spirit above (in yellow) was part of my home care kids back then. It's great to see her as she has gotten older and has become a responsible young adult.
...yet more proof that women are amazing survivors and can raise kids right even if marriages don't survive.
Yay Moms!

We've been busy

First I'll have to say I had a very nice Mothers Day. It was love and affection from the kids and Grand kids. Perfume, Dark chocolate and roses too. The best part really was my first volunteer kiss from my grand daughter Amalie. She just leaned over and planted one on me, open mouth, slobbery and all. We had breakfast together, she had tastes of country gravy and toast. She was loving it.

Speaking of little ones...I finally got to see the 2 baby girls born into our family this last March, Remember they were born one day after each other. One is a second cousin and one is a niece. Both very cute, both really resemble their parents. Both sets of parents seemed a little tired still but, I think they're gonna make it.
We also had a Wedding, The Mr's Cousin Kenton and his Fiancee Erin were married on 5/2. It was a outside wedding, Between rain showers, it stopped for a couple hours during the wedding and was warm and beautiful then it poured at the tail end of the dinner following. We escaped the home front long enough to help out just a little and snap some photos and we were off again back to home base.
It's quite the day trip to the Eastern side of the state for us it's just short of 7 hours driving pretty steady to get there.
We stayed in a B&B where the Wedding was held, Stupid me I assumed someone would be cooking breakfast. Guess again, it was search and find...and I ended
up making the Mr. and I breakfast. It was just weird. We were all pumped to have our first B&B know the awesome cooked breakfast, and the quaint room. The Wedding was the main focus so we made do.
It'll be do-overs someday and I'll ask instead of just assume if that's what to expect.
We still had a good time, visiting with the family, well, the Mr visited more than me, I made rounds with the camera. They would expect nothing less.

Introducing MR and Mrs Kenton Seiders

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love Nest

I think someday I will request a bed like this. I know my Mr. could make a fine rendition.
I think it gorgeous. It's forged steel.

Saturday, May 09, 2009