Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinner and Star Trek

We had Date night last night, Our place of choice was PF Chang's, it was pretty good although I think the one in Eugene has better food...Just an observation.
I like the Mc menamins North Bank pub there by the river too. The best thing about all of these mentioned besides the food is the prompt service and friendly staff.

We had a nice dinner, some crab won tons, salt and pepper shrimp and spicy chicken. Dang, we always get the spicy chicken mixed up with the spicy orange chicken somehow. The spicy orange is the best by far.
We went to Bridgeport Mall to have our evening, the theater there is new enough and clean. Comfortable seating and with it being a week night, kinda slow but nice. The pictures were taken after the late show so it was pretty cleared out.

I could have lingered around for hours, The ambiance was nice. Music playing softly, a perfect temp outside, a few people sitting around visiting. The only thing missing was a open bar for refreshments ;)

There's an area on Portland's waterfront that is perfect this time of year also. They have outdoor cafes and bars with patios and Music it's just a lot of Fun!
That reminds me it Rose Festival time now too. Hmmm, I may have to propose another date.

We went and seen the New Star trek Movie. I used to watch Star Trek as a kid and liked it for the most part. I didn't understand the innuendo's of Capt. Kirk then but after seeing the old versions and now the new, It made me remember and understand his character (horn dog) a lot better.
I'm still confused on the whole Spock thing, ...a little bit. I will watch it again and try to figure it out. I liked it though and it was fun to see on the "Big Screen" you feel like your right there.
I want to see that new Jack Black (YearOne) movie next, out on 6/19. I know, not very deep...But hey my brain needs to relax and enjoy sometimes too.

Then we get ready to leave and I decide to take a few pictures to share and meanwhile the Mr is packing around all my stuff for me, He does that for me a lot. I love him for that too.

Then I spot him checking out the bronze statue, I know he must of been looking for seams in the cast (he is a Blacksmith) or was it panty lines? Hmmm...

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Jeannie said...

haha! sounds like a nice evening

We really enjoyed Star trek too. We don't eat out much and rarely try any place new much to my dismay.

Hammer said...

I like PF changs. Their lettuce wraps are good and so is their eggplant.

John McElveen said...

What a beautiful evening. Beam me over Sweetie!
Glad you had such a good time. I felt good just reading it!



Cerulean Bill said...

I thought that Nimoy's character didn't add anything there at the end, where he's 'talking to himself'. And that Kirk just happened to lunge into that particular cave? Ah, no.

I'm still amazed by what they did to Vulcan, too.... but, you know? I could get to like these people.