Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ha!... back at the top.

Well, 3 months ago I re-joined the gym and have taken a hostage(the youngest Grand son) and I have gone 3 times a week for the most part. I've not lost a pound. I've actually gained. Crap!
The Mr. quits soda pop and Bam! 30 pounds gone. This is so wrong. I limit my food intake and my body thinks it's starving and puts on fat like there's no tomorrow.
I'm wishing I would have measured prior to starting again, at least then I would have been able to see some difference and could muster up some positiveness out of all this. I do have the really irritating problem of having to keep tugging at my pants now. I'm hoping it's my waist shrinking and not my hips expanding. I refuse to buy a bigger size!
The one really encouraging thing is my new medication for Fibromyalgia and RA is really doing the job for me. I used to exercise for 20 minutes and be sore for 3-4 days...no kidding. Sometimes I'd try walking out from home 10 minutes and then turn around and wonder if I could make it back. Some days I was too painful to even do my light housework.
It wasn't only a backache but also my legs would hurt and at times I couldn't tell what part of me didn't hurt.
So now powered with daily pills, and 5-7 years later, I feel normal again, It's kind of scary to think of ever going back to that place again. Hopefully I won't ever have to.
Now, if there was a pill to make the fat just go away I'd be deliriously content. Oh, I'm reasonably confident at this point that it will go away one way or another, I'm just hoping it's sooner than later.

My daughter has been shoving the 5-0 birthday thing down my throat lately and I hate it! (I hated 3-0 also, I cried all day.) I don't especially now, feel a day over 35. If I have to be this age, then I think I've earned the right to be the number I want to be. Next thing you know she'll be talking nursing home. Hummmph! lol.

On a fun note I had some baby time again with my grand daughter, which is growing leaps and bounds every time I see her, soon to be 9 mos, has spoken her first words, Bye-Bye and Momma, and as her mom says can now grit her little teeth. The mere thought of that gives me that shiver.

But wow that grin...she's gorgeous!

Oh, and before I go again, Let me Wish my friend Jeannie a very Happy Birthday coming up.
...And you name the number you'd like to be and I'll honor it ;)

5 Left A Love Note :):

Marianne said...

She is beautiful! She looks like her daddy!

Jeannie said...

She's gorgeous! I know what you mean about the weight except Gary doesn't lose it easily either.

April's been doing pilates and has lost 10 pounds and is definitely looking thinner. But she's young.

Glad your medication is working - is it possible that it is influencing your weight?

Scott from Oregon said...

I too, was pissed of the weight didn't just "fall off".

I just kept going and now the weight is starting to fall off.

Plus I feel SO MUCH BETTER than when I started, so I focus on feeling better more than the weight at the moment.

I look at it this way- as I age, I know I am going to physically deteriorate. It's natural. But I would rather deteriorate from a much higher plateau than start out a fat blob and sink into the couch from there.

Keep going, because you will feel better for it and be healthier longer...

Sweeti said...

M- She does look like her Daddy but has mannerisms of her mommy too.
J-I don't think I'm to the pilates level yet, the last thing I want to do is get an injury of some sort...I wish I could do that...and what isn't contributing to my weight gain now? Between health conditions, the M-word, and being 39 again and again, Not eating or eating too much, or not the right things, Good Lord please help me find a happy Medium here!
I've started and got stopped so many times now I think I'm a yo-yo exerciser.
S-I know your right...but your a man, and we both know were genetically different, so if you started losing 6mo. into your battle it's probably gonna be a year for me.
I can tell I'm building muscle, I feel better too for the most part, I'm being careful, But my skinny chick within is screaming to get out!

John McElveen said...

Beautiful Pic and Post!!!!