Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A memorable Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Day Weekend started off with the thoughts of where to hang our new flag. I bought a new one with hopes to proudly present it some where in our front yard for all to see her waving with pride in the gentle breezes.

The Mr. on the other hand was having a "Big Heart" moment and seen different visions for my old glory. I left to go get my workout in at the gym and came back to him trying to erect a 35' pole he had just cut and limbed from our forest. It was straight and limbed and friggen heavy!

He was trying to surprise me with the tallest flag pole on our hill, maybe the tallest for miles around. He tried but couldn't get it up by himself.

I thought Holy Toledo, "you think big when you have a mind to don't you", I only required a bracket mounted to the carport for my flag pole, Not a skyscraper that would need a beacon so planes could see it.

This is the difference between my thinking and his sometimes. We almost always meet in the middle somewhere along the line.

So, I jump in and try to help him and even with my help all we accomplished was denting the roof of his truck, Albeit its a small dent but, nonetheless its a dent.
He finally relented and only long enough to go and find a standing dead tree that was dryer.
What a Man...
Then he proceeded to limb it and put all his homemade fittings on for the cords and a cap for the top. We erected it together and stood there in our moment of great accomplishment. Pride rings true here on our hill, It may look like it belongs to a post or fort but we here at Union Hall Forge have an immense amount of pride in our fallen Soldiers, our Country and Armed Services.
Most of our weekend was spent at a Horseshow about 5 miles from home at a beautiful facility called Singing Hills it was called UPHA CHAPTER TWO SPRINGFEST HORSE SHOW. Here's my link to my web albums of the Horseshow. Springfest web Album
I hope everyone had a great weekend

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Scott from Oregon said...

That's just way cool.

Jeannie said...

So the flag is mounted on a still rooted tree? Awesome - certainly is straight. Guess I know where our telephone poles used to come from.

I don't know how I missed your post earlier...I wonder sometimes if the "following" format updates properly

Sweeti said...

Jeannie, it's a cut down tree and we buried it and added gravel and tamped like crazy.
As far as telephone poles goes...we have at least 3 acres of them growing.
I have found the updater not updating a lot lately.

Thanks Scott, we think it is too.