Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We've been busy

First I'll have to say I had a very nice Mothers Day. It was love and affection from the kids and Grand kids. Perfume, Dark chocolate and roses too. The best part really was my first volunteer kiss from my grand daughter Amalie. She just leaned over and planted one on me, open mouth, slobbery and all. We had breakfast together, she had tastes of country gravy and toast. She was loving it.

Speaking of little ones...I finally got to see the 2 baby girls born into our family this last March, Remember they were born one day after each other. One is a second cousin and one is a niece. Both very cute, both really resemble their parents. Both sets of parents seemed a little tired still but, I think they're gonna make it.
We also had a Wedding, The Mr's Cousin Kenton and his Fiancee Erin were married on 5/2. It was a outside wedding, Between rain showers, it stopped for a couple hours during the wedding and was warm and beautiful then it poured at the tail end of the dinner following. We escaped the home front long enough to help out just a little and snap some photos and we were off again back to home base.
It's quite the day trip to the Eastern side of the state for us it's just short of 7 hours driving pretty steady to get there.
We stayed in a B&B where the Wedding was held, Stupid me I assumed someone would be cooking breakfast. Guess again, it was search and find...and I ended
up making the Mr. and I breakfast. It was just weird. We were all pumped to have our first B&B know the awesome cooked breakfast, and the quaint room. The Wedding was the main focus so we made do.
It'll be do-overs someday and I'll ask instead of just assume if that's what to expect.
We still had a good time, visiting with the family, well, the Mr visited more than me, I made rounds with the camera. They would expect nothing less.

Introducing MR and Mrs Kenton Seiders

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Jeannie said...

You HAVE been busy - beautiful babies - beautiful wedding shot.

Wouldn't a B&B without breakfast just be a B? I would complain. We've never stayed in a B&B - friends of ours have stayed in quite a few and love it.