Monday, June 22, 2009

PG 13 and Year One

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The Mr. and I went to see Year One and made the mistake of taking the youngest grandson with. Thinking it's PG 13 how bad can it be?
Can we say, he got an education. Oh, and he sat and tee-hee'd like he already knew everything. He's only "11", I never would have understood that adult humor at 11. Oh, and if you go see this ...for go the snacks, especially anything chocolate.

I'm just sayin'

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Jeannie said...

I remember seeing movies I saw as a kid when I got a little older and being amazed at the sexual innuendos I had been totally unaware of when I was younger. 11 year olds know quite a bit but don't necessarily know it right. Still.

Hammer said...

Thanks for the warning..I'll have to check it out on DVD

Liliana said...

Is it that bad?......hahaahaha


Sweeti said...

It's a movie that is funny and meant to be enjoyed by I'd say 17-18 or above, That's just my take.
Go see it just don't go with younger kids. I spent almost the whole movie regretting bringing my grandson, He spent the movie laughing and feeling like he was really getting away with something.
If we were alone...I would have enjoyed it more.