Thursday, July 09, 2009


Donors Keep 107-Year-Old Va. Man in Home

This story made me feel good in more ways than one...

  • He's been alive long enough to outlive his pension and still looks this good and is proud of himself.
  • He gives hope for a long happy life.
  • I've just celebrated my 11th anniversary of my 39th Birthday and compared to him I'm still a youngster.
  • Also that there is still people that care about our elderly these days.

5 Left A Love Note :):

Liliana said...


happy belated B-DAY!!!!

sunshine kisses!


Cerulean Bill said...

You can outlive a pension? Rats....

Jeannie said...

That's right! Happy Birthday! Sorry - I didn't get greetings to my sister either.

I didn't know you could outlive a pension!

Hammer said...

Happy B-Day!!

I hope I look that good as that guy when I'm 60

Pacific College Mom said...

Isn't he adorable! And in such good shape for that age (any age, really!) Wonder what the secret is to that longevity!? Probably clean living and pure thoughts, too bad for me!!! wink