Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who knew?...Tires Expire

Did you know your tires expire? I didn't. yup, in as little as 6 years...some tires sit on the shelves for as much as 4 years before being sold. They actually have the date made right on them and we as the general public were never really informed of this.

What's worse is there are tire salesman still trying to off these tires to us in the general uninformed public.
If you've never heard of this please watch the video, I am including the link (click Here) go get informed please.

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Jeannie said...

It does seem quite wrong - but unless manufacturers take returns, retailers are stuck with them and are out the money - none would keep the less required tires in stock ever. The manufacturers have to get behind this - or allow tires to be sold on consignment and switch everything out after a year.

Sweeti said...

I just think if this is the life cycle of a tire it should be no different than them having to pull foods off the shelves when they get to close to an expire date.

There are ways for them to write this off if they wanted to. It's just greed at the expence of a human life.