Sunday, August 09, 2009

Either way you go...

A family...a man meets a woman and they fall in love. After many years have so much in common and yet so many differences. They have children 3 to be exact. All beautiful kids, smart, in college some of them. A beautiful home with acreage, a pond, a horse barn, an arena, and river, gently trickling through the back side of their property.

He rides an Iron horse called a Harley, She rides Horses of the animal kind. Both seemed happy with their choices.

He's a descendant from the pioneers of our area; roots in Oregon go back to his great- great-grandfather, Joe Meek, an Oregon pioneer who was the first U.S. Marshall for the Northwest Territory. He’s got an interesting heritage of his to say the very least.

Imagine going to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate your daughter’s graduation, a senior trip, I guess is what you'd call it. A family celebration for sure.

Imagine if you will,

A freak accident, probably in a split second, on a surf board I think, I don't know for sure. I couldn't bare the thought to ask. Which resulted in a head trauma and He's is the perfect life as you’d know it, all gone, you’re all alone after 20+years. You still have things, but nothing can make up for the open pit in your heart. You still have kids that too, are also racked by the gut wrenching pain of sudden loss… and Lots of “what if’s”.

Empathy for the family and friends was my feelings. Helpless was my emotion.

We had a Celebration of life for Doug Meek yesterday, Called “Doug Fest” It was nice. Almost 8 weeks ago this happened. Many showed for this, He was a well loved man. Kind and generous were common words amongst the people, tears washing souls were there too. The band played blues...Pink Floyd-ish , Kids getting to participate by singing peanut, peanut butter. We all tried to be upbeat, we listened to stories. Hugs were everywhere.

Tami spoke with grace, eloquence and mentally practiced poise for sure, just to get through her little part of the speech. She shared a little and then shared
Doug’s last words to her after she asked which way to go back to the hotel the moments before Doug's accident.

…”Either way you go, it’s a beautiful walk”

Words that will resonate in her soul forever and a day, but could be applied to life as it goes on also.

The lesson here is, no matter how mad you get sometimes or how you disagree, If you truly love someone show them everyday through your gestures, your kindness, your caring and your love. All we have here on earth is today.
It sounds as if they did and it's sweet sorrow for her and the family.

There was an uncle speaking and he was referring to a quote that a priest had made to him, "bad things happen to good people too". We cannot be responsible for other people and things that happen through a different series of events beyond our control. It was yet another message for me, To accept things beyond my control.

I came away from this as I seem to always do...Wishing you knew half the interesting stuff you hear about people before they are gone that you find out after their long past. This is probably why I the read obits. even for strangers.

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Liliana said...

OMG! =((

Scott from Oregon said...

I asked people to tell me stuff about my sister I wouldn't know. I was really surprised, especially by how many "troubled" folks she took under her wing.

death will always make you claw yourself into life.

I am sorry that someone you knew died.

That just sucks.

Jeannie said...

I'm sorry you've lost a friend. But since we all have to go eventually, at least he got to go doing something he loved. Too soon though. It's stunning. We also knew a man who died because of a freak occurrence while on vacation.

Sweeti said...

Thanks you guys :)

I'm ok, just seem to be thrown for a loop with all the news, worry over the economy, you know the crap. All of course that I have no control over.
Just trying to focus on the real and now, feeling for people with issues.
Sigh* I'm taking a deep breath and going on to face another day. Looking for some positiveness. I pray I find some today.

John McElveen said...

Big Hugs for a beautiful tribute to a friend. I hope it was cathartic for you as well. Beautifully written.

I am going to stop taking everyday things for granted.

Thanks Sweeti,


Pacific College Mom said...

Knowing that we will all go down this path at some point never seems to make it any easier when someone passes on. I am sincerely sorry for your loss. If you need someone to vent with, come my way. Even if I didn't know this person, I can still offer a sympathetic ear. Any time.