Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time for another Faith Update ~

Remember Faith? Anyone keeping up with me in this journey through this life of ours, taking the good with the bad and the happy with the sad, will remember my little neighbor girl and her incredible family.

Journal Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:19 AM, PDT

This past week we received the results of Faith's last quarterly scans of her back and lungs...
We are ALL CLEAR!!!
No indication of new tumor growth in her back or lungs.
At this point they are moving us to every 4 months, rather than every 3. Another postive step in the battle.

This past month Faith started 1st Grade and really seems to be enjoying it. We are not seeing any indications of post traumatic stress or other emotional challenges. In fact, she is actually quite mature and emotionally stable compared to most of her peers. She has an uncanny ability to rationalize her emotions and articulate her feelings very effectively, well beyond what most people would expect from a 6 yr old.

We continue to have her on a limited activity plan. Meaning no running, jumping, bars, etc. It has only been 4 months since her last full back surgery so we want to ensure that her bones are allowed enough time to heal and fuse to the hardware.
This month marks the 2 year anniversary since we were formally diagnosed with cancer.

_ 7 surgeries later

_ 7 months of in-patient chemo

_ 2 months of radiation

_ A broken hip, leg and toes

_ 2 trips to Boston

...and now, a cancer free, happy and recovering little girl.

What a journey.
We'll drop another update in a few months to keep those interested up to date on her continued progress.
As always, thank you all very much for your support and prayers.
Jerris and Heather (Faiths Dad and Mom)

...and now, ONE AMAZING FAMILY... One Amazing little girl! All held up by a thousands of good thoughts, skilled Drs., and tons of prayers. I Thank God!
Thank you for good willing her to this great day!

..excuse me while I shed tears of joy.


Monday, September 21, 2009

It's dark I'm not going out there!

The good news, I'm getting the better of the yellow jackets on the farm, 6 traps and they're filling up. I'm seeing rare sightings of the pest that I see no purpose for, and an actual return of honey bees for pollenation.

It's been a weird year, Moles and gophers galore and no June bugs, I really don't like either of them, but at least moles don't fly towards blonde hair and  don't buzz a mating call all night long. I'm so glad we don't have locusts here like in Las Vegas, They really freak me out.
The bad news...
I've noticed a change in the food chain around our area lately, It used to be the rocky raccoon stealing cat food and cats and his pal Peppy Le Pew stinking up the joint, wandering our six acre woods. Now the apples are hitting the ground and no deer are coming to eat them like they usually do every year. Our wild rabbits or bunnies as I affectionately call them, are on the decline also.
I know the cause, we are getting an over run of Coyotes in the area. Neighbors are calling saying have you seen my cat? Sheep are getting taken. They are weaving a circuitous path across the corner of our property, while circling the neighbors 5 acre gentleman farm across the road, stopping and chortling when they catch sign of rabbit, sheep, chicken, or cat and howling and yipping as they wander the skirts of our properties.

This morning about 1:30 am I swear I heard one do the weird and eerie howl no more than 50 paces from our bedroom window. Raleigh our Brittany got up out of his bed and went to the couch, he's a chicken. Both the little girls Emmy and Bella were on high alert and crawling all over the Mr. to see out the window. Oh, and he really loves that abrupt awakening. (g)

I'm hearing some gun shots in the early evening lately, maybe it's coyote control, we do have plenty of gentleman farmers in our area with livestock to protect. I'm wondering what's next...Bobcats, bears and mountain lions? It's possible I've seen Elk and deer.
OK, I'm a little scared of the dark now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 days til my "Famous" Pie Social

I snicker when I say that, ..really, I have never corelated famous and my name in the same sentence before. I kinda like it though (g)
I'm first of all known for my Blackberry pie/cobbler, but in the past years included other fruits and a vegetable cleverly disguised as a fruit in my repertoire or medley of homemade contributions to the NWSA Fall Classic Horseshow.
It's funny every year about this time I get a little nerved up and excited about meeting my deadline and presenting my best and most favorite recipes for not a small amount of people. I average 25-30 cobbler style pies in one day. each serves on the average of about 9-10 people. It's quite a feat.'s insanity, I know. It's supporting our Horseshow and giving back to our customers at the same time :)

I'm scaling it back just a bit this year, although even leftovers have never been a problem in the past. But I have a new recipe to present also.
A special thanks to Lee Farms in Tualatin, OR for helping me to fill the fruit order beyond our berries needed to complete my task. They've been here for me for 4 years and counting.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Err2 and no coffee

The dreaded day has arrived, the day that my 10 cup Kitchenaid coffee maker (has finally died) that replaced my truly loved " 12cup Cobalt Blue recalled model" that matched my mixer and blender that the company chose to not replace. It was a beauty, it made great coffee, and I never got error messages like this one.
Now I have only used this one for about a year and half. I really think with the name Kitchenaid and the price they expect it should have lasted longer than this.
I have had Mr Coffee's with their spill all over pour spouts last a good 5 years for half the price.
Needless to say I think the damn thing should just read "I'm Dead" or "TossOut" or "JustCrap". But no they choose these Error messages that you can only to have deciphered by tech help, It's not in my manual. I think it's so they can sell you a new model. Then you call the number only to find out that they are not open on Sundays and have limited hours Mon-Friday and a few on Sat. Well, today is Sunday and I have no Coffee. Damnit!

I think it's time for a new brand. I'm sick of this crap.
So off I go to check out consumer reports.

Are you a coffee drinker and brew your own coffee? What's your favorite Coffee Maker?

Tuesday...After drinking pressed coffee for two days I've got the jitters, I like it occasionally. I broke down and bought a cheap Black and Decker, no frills, not even a timer coffee maker, 20 makes good coffee. I think I'll buy a nicer one someday that has no pot and stores coffee internally, but I'll wait for good feed back on brands.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

David Cook Rocked Salem, OR

First let me say my prayers were answered! Not one drop during Davids perfomance and only about ten drops during the prelude to the Crash Kings, so quick that it was just like God had a sense of humor and said "Just Kidding".
This was an event not to miss. The Oregon American Idol Crowd was there for David, and we were loud and proud! My Mr has a set of lungs on him and knows how to use them, I'm not sure the guy that sat in front of us can hear today. lol.

I found this video on youtube the video was done with great talent. Just wanted to give you a feel of the excitement for those who missed it. High Energy totally.

He had a group called the Crash Kings opening and I guess he hand picked them. For not being familiar with them I thought they were pretty good. He sat in with them during their set incognito but he wasn't fooling anyone. A hoodie and heart shaped sunglasses couldn't hide who he was for a minute. Later one of the crash kings sat in the same way.
It was weird seeing someone that you voted up in the American Idol Show in real life and upclose and personal like, it was surreal, and I'll bet David still thinks this way too. He really was quite the same as on the show but more energizing to the crowd, I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.
David You Rock!

Later we talked with an exhibitor on the other side of the fair grounds and he claimed he could hear us clear over where he was. I belive it.
My slideshow without music so I don't infringe on Copyrights.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

David Cook concert Tonight

I think David Cook is going to get an idea of what us Oregonians can endure. I do have some strings at my highest source that I've been pulling, praying for a break, I know he hears me :)
The yellow hi-lighted area is our concert time frame. It's outside in the LB Day Ampliteater in Salem, Or. I'll be there rain or shine.

I just am so happy that someone that I voted for is finally come to play in our area. Woohoo! I'm so excited! Hello!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The winds of change

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I love the snap and pop of all cotton flags.
I feel fall in my bones, already. The winds are switching up, mornings are cooler, night comes to fast. Darkness by 8:30 and arriving faster every night. Damn I hate how fast the seasons change anymore.
We have been busy little bees trying to get our projects completed before the rains set in and it doesn't stop for months. We had a couple of pads of concrete laid and we finished them. We being the Mr and I, a neighbor and our daughter and son in law and grandson helping.
After the screeting and first float

It's quick work but gratifying also. We're pretty good at it now. So now I have a bonified patio that will someday be my outdoor screen enclosed kitchen for get togethers and canning. The Mr has one more bay in the shop for all his blacksmithing tools. Next is gravel for mud control before it gets muddy.
It's September which is my Pie and Ice cream Social month or the NWSA Fall Classic, actually it's only a 21 days until I serve them up. I have some new recipies and ideas for cobblers this year and have tried them out on a few of the customers that come our way from the east and got some good reviews. I hope everyone else likes them too.
Again, I have committed to helping out with another project out at the Fort of Vancouver. A Christmas party gathering for the Blacksmiths Guild. It sounds fun, and maybe we'll do a Yankie gift exchange too.

She had flowers in her hair....

Ok, so I get newsletters from lots of places and on many of my favorite topics. Some from places I'd like to return to sender but they wouldn't stop anyway so I just block them in the spam folder.

I recently got one from ivillage and the ten wacky hair treatments, did you get this one?
Holy crapola! There were several that I've tried over the years and they were ok, like clay, but not from Morroco.
Rather it was by Aussie hair products. It worked on my really over processed hair of the 80s-90s. It made it feel somewhat life like again.

Beer, yes it works to a certain degree but tried it once and said Eh and never really liked the smell in my hair. It is supposed to give more body was my understanding. I already used a texturizer at that time and it was called Dippy-do. It worked great for the big hair days.

Coconut oil, hmmm, I discovered this quite by accident. I lived in Las Vegas and was a sun worshipper, well I guess I still am only with more protection and limits to exposure. But you know the coppertone coconut oil that we bathed in while sunning somehow always got in your hair and chlorine always dried your hair out.
But if you took the remanants of the oil on your hands and rubbed it on the ends of your hair the chlorine did way less damage and your hair didn't turn as green or slimy from the chlorine. Baby oil worked too. Then you shampoo'd the hell out of it when you got home.

Chamomille for shine, Eh, it's ok but nothing to write home about. It's for blondes to bring out reflective shine, yeah. Now we have glossers that work 10 times better.

But now to get to the part that threw me for aloop.
Things used in hair and places they do it.

Bull semen in London? Ewwwww! Globs of moisture rich protein at Hari's in London

I can't help it
..."There's something about Mary" with its infamous “hair gel” scene comes to mind.

Emu oil in Australia?

A paste of Pigeon poo (droppings), cumin, horseradish and nettles for balding in Greece?

Shikakia powder in a paste instead of shampoo in India?

Caviar in London? At Hari's salon in London.

Some of these are just nasty...How do you not shampoo your hair? Wouldn't you get fungus or bugs or something?