Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 days til my "Famous" Pie Social

I snicker when I say that, ..really, I have never corelated famous and my name in the same sentence before. I kinda like it though (g)
I'm first of all known for my Blackberry pie/cobbler, but in the past years included other fruits and a vegetable cleverly disguised as a fruit in my repertoire or medley of homemade contributions to the NWSA Fall Classic Horseshow.
It's funny every year about this time I get a little nerved up and excited about meeting my deadline and presenting my best and most favorite recipes for not a small amount of people. I average 25-30 cobbler style pies in one day. each serves on the average of about 9-10 people. It's quite a feat.'s insanity, I know. It's supporting our Horseshow and giving back to our customers at the same time :)

I'm scaling it back just a bit this year, although even leftovers have never been a problem in the past. But I have a new recipe to present also.
A special thanks to Lee Farms in Tualatin, OR for helping me to fill the fruit order beyond our berries needed to complete my task. They've been here for me for 4 years and counting.

3 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

I wish you all the best - but I was expecting you to share the new recipe!

Cerulean Bill said...

You're on the wrong darn coast!

Scott from Oregon said...