Sunday, September 06, 2009

David Cook Rocked Salem, OR

First let me say my prayers were answered! Not one drop during Davids perfomance and only about ten drops during the prelude to the Crash Kings, so quick that it was just like God had a sense of humor and said "Just Kidding".
This was an event not to miss. The Oregon American Idol Crowd was there for David, and we were loud and proud! My Mr has a set of lungs on him and knows how to use them, I'm not sure the guy that sat in front of us can hear today. lol.

I found this video on youtube the video was done with great talent. Just wanted to give you a feel of the excitement for those who missed it. High Energy totally.

He had a group called the Crash Kings opening and I guess he hand picked them. For not being familiar with them I thought they were pretty good. He sat in with them during their set incognito but he wasn't fooling anyone. A hoodie and heart shaped sunglasses couldn't hide who he was for a minute. Later one of the crash kings sat in the same way.
It was weird seeing someone that you voted up in the American Idol Show in real life and upclose and personal like, it was surreal, and I'll bet David still thinks this way too. He really was quite the same as on the show but more energizing to the crowd, I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.
David You Rock!

Later we talked with an exhibitor on the other side of the fair grounds and he claimed he could hear us clear over where he was. I belive it.
My slideshow without music so I don't infringe on Copyrights.

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Jeannie said...

Glad the weather held for you and you had a great time!

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