Sunday, September 13, 2009

Err2 and no coffee

The dreaded day has arrived, the day that my 10 cup Kitchenaid coffee maker (has finally died) that replaced my truly loved " 12cup Cobalt Blue recalled model" that matched my mixer and blender that the company chose to not replace. It was a beauty, it made great coffee, and I never got error messages like this one.
Now I have only used this one for about a year and half. I really think with the name Kitchenaid and the price they expect it should have lasted longer than this.
I have had Mr Coffee's with their spill all over pour spouts last a good 5 years for half the price.
Needless to say I think the damn thing should just read "I'm Dead" or "TossOut" or "JustCrap". But no they choose these Error messages that you can only to have deciphered by tech help, It's not in my manual. I think it's so they can sell you a new model. Then you call the number only to find out that they are not open on Sundays and have limited hours Mon-Friday and a few on Sat. Well, today is Sunday and I have no Coffee. Damnit!

I think it's time for a new brand. I'm sick of this crap.
So off I go to check out consumer reports.

Are you a coffee drinker and brew your own coffee? What's your favorite Coffee Maker?

Tuesday...After drinking pressed coffee for two days I've got the jitters, I like it occasionally. I broke down and bought a cheap Black and Decker, no frills, not even a timer coffee maker, 20 makes good coffee. I think I'll buy a nicer one someday that has no pot and stores coffee internally, but I'll wait for good feed back on brands.

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Jeannie said...

Did you unplug it and plug it back in again? Believe it or not it works on the tanning beds all the time.

I don't drink coffee but hubby does - he's got a cuisinart auto-grinder model he loves.

Sweeti said...

I've done everything I can think of. I did some googling and found an article and many complaints on the very same subject. They say it's the heating element or the motherboard. Either way it's toast.

Cerulean Bill said...

• If “Err1”, “Err2”, or “Err3”
appear on the brew timer
Press the On/Off Button to reset the
Coffee Maker. If the error codes
reappear, there is a problem with the
Coffee Maker electronics. Please refer to the Warranty and Service sectionbeginning on the following page.

Sweeti said...

Thank's for the info Bill, It's gone. Its evident that it was in the electronics, I've had these errors quite a bit.
I'm so done with it.
I had it longer than one year so I would have had to pay to fix it anyway. I might as well buy new.

John McElveen said...


I only drink 1/2 a cup, so the basic 12.00 Mr. Coffee is great for me and my wife. I think we've had 2 in 27 years!

I like you would be very disappointed at one of that brand name only lasting as long as it did.

Better luck on your next one!