Monday, September 21, 2009

It's dark I'm not going out there!

The good news, I'm getting the better of the yellow jackets on the farm, 6 traps and they're filling up. I'm seeing rare sightings of the pest that I see no purpose for, and an actual return of honey bees for pollenation.

It's been a weird year, Moles and gophers galore and no June bugs, I really don't like either of them, but at least moles don't fly towards blonde hair and  don't buzz a mating call all night long. I'm so glad we don't have locusts here like in Las Vegas, They really freak me out.
The bad news...
I've noticed a change in the food chain around our area lately, It used to be the rocky raccoon stealing cat food and cats and his pal Peppy Le Pew stinking up the joint, wandering our six acre woods. Now the apples are hitting the ground and no deer are coming to eat them like they usually do every year. Our wild rabbits or bunnies as I affectionately call them, are on the decline also.
I know the cause, we are getting an over run of Coyotes in the area. Neighbors are calling saying have you seen my cat? Sheep are getting taken. They are weaving a circuitous path across the corner of our property, while circling the neighbors 5 acre gentleman farm across the road, stopping and chortling when they catch sign of rabbit, sheep, chicken, or cat and howling and yipping as they wander the skirts of our properties.

This morning about 1:30 am I swear I heard one do the weird and eerie howl no more than 50 paces from our bedroom window. Raleigh our Brittany got up out of his bed and went to the couch, he's a chicken. Both the little girls Emmy and Bella were on high alert and crawling all over the Mr. to see out the window. Oh, and he really loves that abrupt awakening. (g)

I'm hearing some gun shots in the early evening lately, maybe it's coyote control, we do have plenty of gentleman farmers in our area with livestock to protect. I'm wondering what's next...Bobcats, bears and mountain lions? It's possible I've seen Elk and deer.
OK, I'm a little scared of the dark now.

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Jeannie said...

Things go in cycles...if I hear or see coyotes around here - then I'll be really concerned. We've had a lot of yellow jackets too. That seems to happen about every other year. No beer bugs this year though. That's a treat.

Sweeti said...

"What pray tell is a beer bug?"

Oh, and another observance, No box elder bugs yet this year either.

Scott from Oregon said...

We get the coyotes trying to lure the dogs out into the night.

Luckily, the dogs are afraid of the dark too, and run inside...