Thursday, September 03, 2009

She had flowers in her hair....

Ok, so I get newsletters from lots of places and on many of my favorite topics. Some from places I'd like to return to sender but they wouldn't stop anyway so I just block them in the spam folder.

I recently got one from ivillage and the ten wacky hair treatments, did you get this one?
Holy crapola! There were several that I've tried over the years and they were ok, like clay, but not from Morroco.
Rather it was by Aussie hair products. It worked on my really over processed hair of the 80s-90s. It made it feel somewhat life like again.

Beer, yes it works to a certain degree but tried it once and said Eh and never really liked the smell in my hair. It is supposed to give more body was my understanding. I already used a texturizer at that time and it was called Dippy-do. It worked great for the big hair days.

Coconut oil, hmmm, I discovered this quite by accident. I lived in Las Vegas and was a sun worshipper, well I guess I still am only with more protection and limits to exposure. But you know the coppertone coconut oil that we bathed in while sunning somehow always got in your hair and chlorine always dried your hair out.
But if you took the remanants of the oil on your hands and rubbed it on the ends of your hair the chlorine did way less damage and your hair didn't turn as green or slimy from the chlorine. Baby oil worked too. Then you shampoo'd the hell out of it when you got home.

Chamomille for shine, Eh, it's ok but nothing to write home about. It's for blondes to bring out reflective shine, yeah. Now we have glossers that work 10 times better.

But now to get to the part that threw me for aloop.
Things used in hair and places they do it.

Bull semen in London? Ewwwww! Globs of moisture rich protein at Hari's in London

I can't help it
..."There's something about Mary" with its infamous “hair gel” scene comes to mind.

Emu oil in Australia?

A paste of Pigeon poo (droppings), cumin, horseradish and nettles for balding in Greece?

Shikakia powder in a paste instead of shampoo in India?

Caviar in London? At Hari's salon in London.

Some of these are just nasty...How do you not shampoo your hair? Wouldn't you get fungus or bugs or something?

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Jeannie said...

A lot of these sound disgusting. I've done beer and will now and then just use any old veggie oil overnight. My mother ALWAYS rinsed her hair with diluted vinegar. It added shine and softness. I'm sure it also bleached her hair somewhat. But at 87 she has beautiful hair and it is a beautiful colour. Hair dressers are amazed it's natural.

Sweeti said...

grape seed oil is supposed to be good also.

Emu Lady said...

Emu Oil is great for hair. It penetrates deeply into the shaft and will take other ingredients with it to moisturize and strengthen hair. Its even been shown in studies and through testimonials to improve hair follicle health and waken "sleeping" follicles. For more info on emu oil check out my blog