Thursday, September 03, 2009

The winds of change

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I love the snap and pop of all cotton flags.
I feel fall in my bones, already. The winds are switching up, mornings are cooler, night comes to fast. Darkness by 8:30 and arriving faster every night. Damn I hate how fast the seasons change anymore.
We have been busy little bees trying to get our projects completed before the rains set in and it doesn't stop for months. We had a couple of pads of concrete laid and we finished them. We being the Mr and I, a neighbor and our daughter and son in law and grandson helping.
After the screeting and first float

It's quick work but gratifying also. We're pretty good at it now. So now I have a bonified patio that will someday be my outdoor screen enclosed kitchen for get togethers and canning. The Mr has one more bay in the shop for all his blacksmithing tools. Next is gravel for mud control before it gets muddy.
It's September which is my Pie and Ice cream Social month or the NWSA Fall Classic, actually it's only a 21 days until I serve them up. I have some new recipies and ideas for cobblers this year and have tried them out on a few of the customers that come our way from the east and got some good reviews. I hope everyone else likes them too.
Again, I have committed to helping out with another project out at the Fort of Vancouver. A Christmas party gathering for the Blacksmiths Guild. It sounds fun, and maybe we'll do a Yankie gift exchange too.

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Jeannie said...

Wow! 2 Posts!

You have been busy! I don't know how you can do all those cobblers yourself - how do you keep them all good until the day?

I screened in porch would be so nice. I fantasize every year about screening in my front porch - but I'd want to enlarge it too.

Fall is definitely coming on too quickly.

Cerulean Bill said...

Oh, yes, me, too -- I love that sound -- and the chill is okay with me. Well, usually.(g)

Scott from Oregon said...

Screens in Oregon?

You got flies?

Way to go on the cement finishing. That's work I would much rather sub out to guys who don't mind sore knees and bad backs...