Saturday, October 31, 2009

An interesting refresher course in history

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello Everyone

I'm ashamed of myself, I've been so busy doing the mondane tasks that have to be done with little time left for my self indulgent little blog. I do love this blog too.

We are trying to pull together many strings and weave what we call this life in the midst of this funk our country is going through. Trying our hardest NOT to particiate in making it worst. Putting our focus in the years ahead instead of the here and now, but it's hard not to when we see all our Constitutional beliefs being cast aside like old crackers. I think Glenn Beck is bringing hope back for me. He's not on either side of the political fence, but rather our Founding Fathers side, our Countrys side, and Our side, but he needs us also to stand up for our own beliefs.

Oh, My...Please pay attention my friends.

I have been doing a little camera work, I finally finished my 4 seasons from my favorite spot in the Canby, Oregon area. Trivial yes, To me it's pure candy to my eyes. My pictures, I'm sure don't even do it justice but I love them all the same. I could wake up and look at this scene every morning of my life and never get enough.

. Be strong. Please accept these blessings I ask for you...
God bless these people in whatever it is that You know he or she may be needing this day.
In Jesus' Name, Amen