Monday, December 07, 2009

I think I finally found it!

Well, I've searched high and low for my Christmas Spirit. It normally comes to me just after the fatigue of Thanksgiving has I take that back, It comes to me when the family is gathered around the table while my feet are throbbing and back is aching and I heard them say what they are truly thankful for that year. It swells my heart and opens it to the blessing of the giving spirit.

...If they knew how important this is to me I think they'd be more forth coming with their blessings. Not that they are ungrateful, they are grateful but a little shy. I keep hoping from year to year for a out pouring of thanks in our gathering, I'll get them there someday. I thank God for each and everyone of them.

Then the building of the doings of the season is perpetuated by the music of the season, the lights, the goodwill towards others.

My spirit has been delayed this year because I believe, I've been caught up in this spirit of unrest our country has been in. The hard times that all these people losing jobs, homes, needing food. Makes one apprehensive about where you'll be financially next month.

Meanwhile, I still feel the great feeling to donate to the red bucket, and seeing the nice smiles and the Thank You's from the bell ringers. I still help out when I can, God gave me gifts that are not things that can be purchased. Somehow I forgot that they are just as important as the gift that is given of monetary value.

This year our family has synched our wallets and agreed to a Christmas Card Christmas (no credit cards)with a cookie exchange, and a Yankee gift exchange for fun with a little gathering with dinner. I feel blessed to have this much today.

This year we are participating in a Trades Guild Christmas at the Fort in Vancouver. I'm actually pretty excited to be the Chef of the Turkey and the Ham for this event. A potluck with the Christmas feeling of old times. I kind of instigated it and it developed, I hope it turns out to be a fun event to follow for many years to come. If not I'll be all my fault.

My Mr. has been working with a student named James Timperley making a film documentary on the Art of Farriery (Horseshoeing) We are excited that because...
1) there's interest in this area.
2) He was given this opportunity to share his knowledge.

We are hoping to have a small video of this to come for his site soon.

I am also really proud of my #1 son that has worked hard, studied hard and it has been 10 years in the making, Jer is now a licensed Professional Land Surveyor with the State of Nevada. I'm so proud of him. Congratulations Jer!

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Liliana said...

Hi Sweeti!....=)))

Jeannie said...


I have to find my Christmas spirit yet - hope it comes soon.

Scott from Oregon said...

I always hated the credit card Christmas thing. Usually, I would go "bush" and get the heck out of town to avoid it...

Anonymous said...

I know, that it is necessary to make)))