Thursday, September 30, 2010

The wait is over!

OmGosh, I'm so excited!!!! I can hardly believe it. Miir water bottles has just sent me notification that my design has WON!
John it had to be the blessing. Just another way he works to provide what we need. I was chosen to be the vessel along with the help of all my good friends voting for me Thank you so much! Maybe my design will eventually fund it's own well, I pray so. Miir bottles and are changing lives $1.00 at a time, that's just 100 pennies for clean water for one person for a whole year...simple as that.

Now after I get the prize money I'll be doing the right thing and donating it back bringing 100 people water for 1 year or 5 people for 20 years. It's awesome, How cool is that?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A plea for your vote

Hello Friends,
 I have been doing some charity type work by designing a meaningful skin for a reusable water bottle that applies every penny from the sale of these skins (a replaceable wrapper) to a fund to drill water wells to sustain life in countries around the world. People are drinking nasty dirty putrid water and dieing at very young ages of diseases that are totally unacceptable in today's times.

The story of charity: water from charity: water on Vimeo. is doing amazing things with their Birthday campaigns and it's hard not to become excited by the enthusiasm here. We all are put here for a reason and doing good by man kind is a good start. They are so right, Every time you go and pour yourself a glass of fresh clean water it motivates me even more.

I have a design to present to you folks and I hope you'll share with others my link so I will be picked to help represent this cause. There's a chance to win a gift certificate and 100.00 dollars for me. I most certainly would donate back to add to my contribution.

Please go to this link and vote Like and share with your friends Please.
update***Times up, now I wait for up to 90 days to see if I'm picked.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello again my friends

Good to be alive(ms) – Michelle Featherstone

I have to say I have a renewed uplifted feeling today, Possibly it's sun being out for so many days in a row. I have been trying to reach this level to come back in a better and more positive frame of heart.

So much has happened since my last posts, I don't even no where to start.
Say what you will about Facebook, but it brought me my extended immediate family.

I found sisters and a brother that are from my father's previous marriage, I am now the younger sister again for the second time in my life. I am just getting to know them, All of them are warm and loving...I needed them in my life.

We just had 2 babies born into the family and God has blessed us with a boy and a girl, both are beautiful and perfect in every way. I still don't know how many times over that this makes me the Great Aunt but it doesn't matter. I'll love them all the same.

Taking time to smell the flowers with my Amalie
My Mr and I are still pursuing the American Dream and hopefully someday some financial security along the way. I cannot lie, it's been tough at times. It always is when your trying to do things that are your own creations and trying to make it marketable to others. But even with the deviations due to the economy we have found ways to keep on keeping on and remained true to our dreams. That's what people don't understand, American ingenutiy we just keep on trying no matter what. It's all heart.

My favorite quote lately has been is this going to matter in 5 years? If it's no, I don't fret. and God help us all.

I've been gardening again, I planted a month or so ago and it just sat there. Our unseasonable cool and rainy spring stunted most of my plants. I see some growth in some of them but worry that the cool weather crops are going to suffer a untimely death by heat wave some day soon. Again it won't matter in 5 years so I'm not fretting.

More prayers are said in the act of toiling in my garden and being at peace with my thoughts...God bless you all.