Tuesday, October 04, 2011


When you feel overwhelmed and have accepted this economic mess for just what it is.
What is it? Be it all so simple, that still makes you happy?...and why?

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Jeannie said...

Your lilies are gorgeous!

We are not feeling the economic mess to nearly the same degree that you are there - our banks were not allowed to do what yours were, lucky for us. That said, times are always tough for some.

For me, I think that joy can be found sharing time with friends and family and enjoying beauty where we find it. The pursuit of "stuff" only whets the appetite for more and more and can never be satisfied. Finding that enough is enough leaves a more lasting contentment. The extras become the icing on the cake again and not the reason for being.

Cerulean Bill said...

It comes back to being grateful for what you have. An attitude that is difficult to achieve, and, for some of the mavens of Wall Street, incomprehensible.

Pacific College Mom said...

Hey Lady,
So good to see you touching in with the Blogsphere! I missed you. I am very happy to see you are content and doing well!!!!!

I honestly believe we could all do with a dose of serious belt tightening. Since we live pretty close to one another, I imagine we get a lot of the same pinches you do. So, yes, Bill, it does boil down to appreciating what you have.